Why pay for cable when you can watch all your favorite TV shows and movies on your TV? Say goodbye to expensive monthly bills and say hello to the Jailbroken Firestick Pro. This is the best way to cut the cord and never miss a show! With our plug and play setup, we’ll have you streaming in no time. And with our amazing customer service, we’ll make sure you never run into any problems.

Our plug and play setup: Our firesticks are pre installed with all of the latest apps and Kodi addons/builds. You simply plug the device into your TV, connect to Wifi, and click one of the apps pre-installed on the home screen. There are apps like Cinema, Livenet, or Kodi. You can open one of these and watch a movie or show within minutes. It is that simple.

Our auto-updating sofware: We install our own custom application that allows us to update, add new apps and replace any apps that are not working. In many cases customers have purchased devices from other websites/sellers and within months most of their apps were no longer working. They have no way of updating them or fixing them in most cases. Our sticks do not have this issue. This setup future proofs our devices and allows them to work much longer than any other device on the market.

Our Customer Support: We have worked hard to make sure we have the best customer support in this market. Our support is always available via live chat or email. (Many competitor sites have no support at all – We get countless emails from customers of other websites asking us for help, because they can not get a response from the website they purchased from.) Our customer support is for the lifetime of the device, so do not be afraid to reach out to us if you have any issue at all.

Brand New Amazon Devices: All of our devices are brand new, latest models with 1 year warranties on every device sold. We only sell new devices and the most recent models of each device. We know that some of the other sellers are selling refurbished devices, this is one way they are able to offer lower prices. It may be slightly cheaper but you will get what you pay for and often this will be a refurbished or used device. Not to mention little to no support in most cases. 

Contact Us

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us through email or our live chat. Customer service representatives are always available to answer your questions. 

EMAIL: [email protected]